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Survey Equipment

To assist in the rapid engagement of targets by the guns, accurate information as to the location of the centre of the battery and the direction to Grid North are required. Both these require the measurement of distances and angles.

Instruments, available within the RNZA, used to determine this information are in three broad groups:

a. Distance Measuring Equipment

b. Angular Measuring Equipment

c.  North Seeking Instruments

Distance Measuring Equipment

The two distance measuring equipments are:

a. MRA7. MRA7 is a two station microwave system able to measure distances from 100 m to 50 km very accurately.

b. Red -2L. Red 2L uses laser light, reflected off prisms, and is used in field batteries and by regimental survey parties. The range is limited to approximately 10km.

Angular Measuring Equipment

The two angular measuring equipments are:

a. Wild T2/56 Theodolite. This equipment is used for survey tasks at Regimental level and higher. Its primary task is to carry orientation and fixation-to-the-Regiment.

L1A1 Director

b. L1A1 Director. This equipment is used at both Battery and Regimental level for both survey and orientation of the guns. Whilst it is not as accurate as the Wild T2/56 Theodolite, it is more robust and better suited to operations at this level.