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The equipment used within the RNZA is designed to be air portable by C130 Hercules. The RNZA does not have any self-propelled artillery or tracked vehicles. The vehicles currently used by the RNZA are:

a. V8 Land Rover;

b. Mercedes Benz Unimog U17OOL.

V8 Land Rover.

This vehicle is the most prolific vehicle type in any artillery unit. It is used for all command, control, liaison and reconnaissance duties; and is the main method of transportation for small, independent groups such as observers, survey parties, air defence missile detachments and radar detachments.

mud mog

Mercedes Benz Unimog U17OOL The U17OOL is larger and more powerful it has a greater carrying capacity. It is used as a gun tractor for both the 105mm Light Gun and the 105 mm M101A1 Towed Howitzer, a stores/Quartermaster vehicle and, within field batteries, an ammunition vehicle. It is also capable of towing a 6 tonne trailer across country