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Training Programme 1999 - 2000

It should be noted that Territorial Force (TF) participation in all 16th Field Regiment activities is openly and actively encouraged at any time. The opportunity exists at any time in the training year for TF personnel to train with the Regular Force (RF).

Indirect Fire Support (IFS) competency training will be undertaken whenever TF personnel attend training with the Regt. TF personnel will be trained by an RF peer of the same rank  and trade (or by an officer) on a one-on-one basis.


23Oct-8 Nov 99 Ex SILVER COBRA. A Brigade level command post exercise in Singapore as part of the FPDA commitment requiring the Fire Support co-ordination Cell of 16 Field Regiment
8-19 Nov 99 Battalion Group Direct Support Battery Training


15-19 Nov 99 Air Defence Troop LFX - Kaipara.   The annual AD Tp LFX at Kaipara air weapons range. Two missiles will be fired at target drones similar to that event conducted in 1998. The activity is closed for safety reasons however invitations will be extended to those personnel requesting observer status during the shoot.


22- 26 Nov 99 Battalion Group Direct Support Battery Testing Exercise. An Artillery Evaluation exercise conducted by the Commanding Officer on the Direct support battery of the deployable Battalion Group. The battery is a complete six gun sub-unit with associated support detachments i.e. Met and survey.


29Nov-10 Dec Commanders Fortnight. The Commander of 2 LFG holds a Commanders Fortnight to conclude the years training activities. The Regt actively participates in the fortnights festivities.


12-30 Jan 2000 Exercise THUNDER WARRIOR. 16 Fd Regt support to the Singaporean Armed Forces Artillery Battalion. 12 FH 2000 155mm medium guns deploy to Waiouru for a major LFX. 16 Fd Regts main effort for the Jan period is to this exercise. Two gun detachments also deploy with the SAF Arty Bn to learn mdm arty skills. It is likely the SAF will also have another TPQ-37 Weapon locating radar as well as a UAV detachment.


17Jan-30 Apr 2000 School of Artillery Individual Training Period.The Regt conducts almost all of the individual training courses at the School of Artillery in the period 17 Jan - 30 Apr 2000. The main effort of the Regt is dedicated to the School for this period other than the essential support to EX TW and the SAF.
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